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Bull's Head Service

While garment care represents a large part of what we do, Bull’s Head Cleaners provides a full range of additional services to make your life a lot easier. We, also, offer convenient pick-up and delivery services.


Comforters (Down & Synthetic)
Bed Linens
Sleeping Bags
Table Linens


Ski Suit
Fur Cleaning & Storage
Shirt Laundering
Water, Fire & Smoke Restorations


Band/Team Uniforms


Our full service tailor is available for specialized tailoring or garment repair.

Our full service leather specialist provides repair and cleaning services.


When restoring and preserving your wedding gown, it undergoes several intricate steps before it is sealed. We take special steps to maintain the beauty and integrity of your wedding gown.

The wedding gown is soaked to clean due to its delicacy or intricate design.  The dress is then thoroughly rinsed.  This process rinses away all cleaning agents used during the hand cleaning process.  We carefully inspect for stains and residual matter and make sure to remove all stains at this point.

Special attention is given to the designer's line and drape during the pressing process to insure that your gown is returned to its original splendor. Beading, trimmings, lace, pearls, sequins, rhinestones, and other embellishments require a high degree of attention.  During the hand finishing process, all beading, trimming or ornamentation are tightened and replaced if needed.  All seams are inspected for strength and are reinforced if needed.

Your wedding gown is wrapped and secured in acid-free tissue paper, carefully folded, and placed in a special box.


Take advantage of our FREE Pick-Up and Delivery service to your home or office in service areas in and around Stamford. This is just one way that Bull's Head Cleaners puts into practice our promise to make cleaning more convenient to you.

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